Bigger-picture business building

Think BIG or Go Home...

What does success mean to you? It comes in many forms: you could double your sales, take on staff, increase your income, reduce your hours, retire earlier (or later), sell your business…

Just as there is no single answer to that question, nor is there a one-size-fits-all solution to the complexities of running your business. Rather, there are a series of questions to ask, frameworks to follow and methods to embrace. Some ideas will stick, some should be discarded.

What’s important is a willingness to ask those questions, and honestly answer them.

A problem shared…

You and the many business owners across the country deal with both identical and entirely different problems. People who need more work, people who have too much. People who are chronically disorganised, and those fighting crippling perfectionism. People with mental and physical health problems, people dealing with grief and loss, people who want to change the world and others who want to save it.

Some aspire to riches, others simply desire the weekends off. For some success is an ego boost, for others a humbling experience.

Twelve key principles

I want to explore all this and more – from the personal, emotional aspect of running a business (“How am I going to get through today?”) to the practical (“What should I do next?”).

These ideas are based on twenty years of learning, succeeding, failing, trying, not wanting to try and a gamut of other emotions, attitudes and approaches.

Start with the twelve key points which I believe require serious consideration, to help you run a good (in every sense of the word), successful, sustainable business which contributes positively to the lives of your staff, customers, suppliers, communities and, of course, yourself.