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The words they use

Some mornings, I wonder why I bother sending out an email at all; at other times I wonder why I ever stopped. Life happens. It is right, now, to do it.

I’ve focused this week on taking chances. Starting something. Changing a world, your world, the world, in whatever size steps you need. Creating your own confidence to take action. Personally, restarting a mailing list I thought I’d failed to commit to has been invigorating.

If you’re thinking about starting something, just do it. I’ve now written ten of these emails this year, and every word I’ve included below has arrived in my inbox since the 7th Jan 2019.

That’s the reason for doing it. I take inspiration from the replies, and hope firstly that you might too, and that secondly you might go on to create your own inspiration.

Each reply has been kind, humbling and gratifying to receive – thank you. The obvious reason to share them is unadulterated pride, to which I freely admit, but also: if you ever want a reason to start doing something, if there’s even the tiniest hint of a reaction like you’ll see below, then put every ounce of your heart and soul into whatever you want to achieve.

You’ll beam with joy, I promise. Whatever you begin will be worthwhile.

Have a wonderful weekend.


I LOVE your writing style (and I speak as a former journalist, copywriter and author!) – while remaining yourself, you have a touch of ’Seth Godin’! Please keep ‘em coming…

It is good to hear from you again. This missive was most pertinent. Just wanted to let you know that your emails really matter to members of your network and that they help us think and change.

Glad you’re doing these. Every time I get them in the morning I think about how pleased you’ve been telling me about having done it in the past.

I’ve been reading your series with interest, they are very thought provoking. Necessary sometimes.

I often feel caught up in circle of repetitive tasks as you describe, so it was lovely to read your email; to be reminded that I am not alone in that feeling and to be given a little reminder that is all helps someone somewhere.

I am enjoying your emails, thank you. I have even forwarded one to a friend.  I thought you might be pleased to know.

I never signed up to your 1 a day before. I’m going to enjoy them. I can tell.

Your email made me inquisitive on first arrival, and then smile. Anyway, I liked your email, food for thought as always, and I shall take it with me today

Just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying reading your emails over the last few days.  I write quite a bit of content myself, but it’s not often I find something genuinely worth reading in my inbox.

Really pleased to see you are flexing your blogging muscles.

Nice, Tom. Welcome back.  

If it helps the flow and the confidence, I am militant in unsubscribing and deleting emailers of every nature but I always enjoyed and looked forward to your missives. Uplifting, positive, funny, touching – you have a gift. Keep at it!

I do genuinely value receiving your emails and I hope that you are well.

You’re daily emails motivated me to stop procrastinating on setting up the corporate workshop stuff and I’ve just come from a productive meeting so thanks.

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