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The unwelcome

A lot of businesses focus relentlessly on their target market. Planning, almost to the exact eye colour, the profiles of who is going to buy from them.

But how often do you consider who you don’t want to work with?

We’ve all had problem customers. People we just can’t get along with, who will never be satisfied. People who don’t understand your business, or your reason for being.

Ditch them, if there’s even a hint you can afford to. And if you can’t afford to, work out what you need to do to be able to.

Even better is to build a marketing plan that puts such people off in the first place. People who read these emails, for example, are obviously intelligent, inquisitive and fascinating. That’s a good start. And as each morning involves me dumping a part of my personality into your inbox, the odds are that if you are happy reading them then we’ll probably get along OK in real life.

It’s why bland photography and boring words cause so many problems. Apart from not attracting new business in the first place, it gives people no idea of what it will be like to work with you.

Celebrate who you are!

Best wishes,