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Stating the obvious

The hugely positive response to yesterday’s email (thank you) can be split fairly evenly:

  1. People agreeing entirely
  2. People saying “hope you’re well”

But it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Business writing can be especially lazy – despite my protests several years ago, there are still hotels and B&Bs boasting a “colour TV” as if it’s some new-fangled technology to be proud of.

Recent happiness means I’ve been searching for wedding venues and other overpriced party accoutrements. Thousands upon thousands of companies promise a “wedding as unique as you are” without any apparent feeling of irony.

Take a few minutes today to have a look at your website, your emails, your leaflets, brochures and anything else which contains words.

Are you actually different, pretending to be different – or are you saying the same as everyone else?

Best wishes,