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Social media

Social media still feels like something many people don’t really understand. In fairness it’s not been around that long, and there’s a lot of rubbish is talked about it all – often charged for.

Let’s take a look at a few Twitter accounts to see what people do.

Moose Allain has 97,300 followers and a successful art business behind the account. He tweets regularly, interacts with his followers, and is generally very active. He’s not afraid to offend, but is generally very positive.

Seth Godin has 672,000 followers. He doesn’t interact with them, and uses the medium almost exclusively as an ‘announcement’ feed.

Arena Flowers have 35,700 followers. Their tweets are surreal, funny and mostly unrelated in any way to the product they sell.

GWR have 775,000 followers. They provide travel information and quickly answer users’ queries. I’m full of admiration for the amount of anger they calmly deal with.

(I, on the other hand, have 637 followers and rarely use Twitter for anything remotely constructive. But it’s not really part of my business plan, and that certainly won’t stop me having opinions. I’ve seen and made more than enough mistakes.)

I could go on. But you probably get the idea. Despite what some of the gurus will tell you, there isn’t A Single Way to use Twitter, or any other social media platform.

Use it to connect with potential leads, solve problems for customers, get involved in your local community, entertain, sell products, share your knowledge or bitch about Brexit. From a simplistic point of view, I’d argue that you’ll have more success if you do something you’re comfortable with and enthusiastic about.

And that includes doing nothing at all, just not using social media. Plenty of businesses are perfectly successful without it. Arguably, there are plenty of businesses who are more successful without it, because they’re spending their time doing other things better.

A few questions:

– How much time do you have to spare?*
– How creative are you?*
– What sort of business do you want to build, with what personality?
– What resources/ability do you have to create graphics, ideas etc.?*
– What opinion do you want people to have of you?
– Do you need a quantifiable return?

* or can afford to pay someone else for

Use social media in a positive way for you and your business. It’s full of envy and angst though, so be careful. There will always be someone pretending they’re living a better life than you are, or running a more profitable business. Much like real life, just be yourself and surround yourself with people who make you better.

What do you do? Add a comment below.

Best wishes