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I am militant in unsubscribing and deleting emailers of every nature but I always enjoy and look forward to your missives. Uplifting, positive, funny, touching – you have a gift.

– Andrea

What people say:

Your emails pop into my inbox like a bright moment of clever sunshine. You’re a fabulous writer and a smart thinker and I just wanted to say thank you and jolly well done and all that. Your emails have me (and my team) nodding our heads and thinking furiously. Today’s was absolutely spot on as ever.

Always enjoy reading your emails Tom. Not something I say to many people!

I’m going to keep this thought-provoking email so I can re-read it every so often. Thank you for putting these thoughts out there. I loved it.

Tom – you light up the day with your take on the world.

I’m such a huge fan of your emails & wanted to write to tell you how significant yesterday’s email was. It resonated in so many ways – both to my personality type and to where I’m at with my business at the minute. I can’t thank you enough & hope that when I’ve overcome this fear to make big changes in my business, I’d love to be in touch and talk about how I could use your services. In the meantime, thank you for such generosity in sharing knowledge and enriching this little business!

First of all I have to say I admire your ability to write regular emails that are interesting and thought provoking and get them out every day. How you manage to keep finding topics, looking into them and finding interesting angles is brilliant. I think you are star.

I LOVE your writing style (and I speak as a former journalist, copywriter and author!) – while remaining yourself, you have a touch of ’Seth Godin’! Please keep ‘em coming…

It is good to hear from you again. This missive was most pertinent. Just wanted to let you know that your emails really matter to members of your network and that they help us think and change.

Glad you’re doing these. Every time I get them in the morning I think about how pleased you’ve been telling me about having done it in the past.

I’ve been reading your series with interest, they are very thought provoking. Necessary sometimes.

I often feel caught up in circle of repetitive tasks as you describe, so it was lovely to read your email; to be reminded that I am not alone in that feeling and to be given a little reminder that is all helps someone somewhere.

I am enjoying your emails, thank you. I have even forwarded one to a friend. I thought you might be pleased to know.

I never signed up to your 1 a day before. I’m going to enjoy them. I can tell.

Your email made me inquisitive on first arrival, and then smile. Anyway, I liked your email, food for thought as always, and I shall take it with me today

Just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying reading your emails over the last few days. I write quite a bit of content myself, but it’s not often I find something genuinely worth reading in my inbox.

Really pleased to see you are flexing your blogging muscles.

Nice, Tom. Welcome back.

If it helps the flow and the confidence, I am militant in unsubscribing and deleting emailers of every nature but I always enjoyed and looked forward to your missives. Uplifting, positive, funny, touching – you have a gift. Keep at it!

I do genuinely value receiving your emails and I hope that you are well.

Your daily emails motivated me to stop procrastinating on setting up the corporate workshop stuff and I’ve just come from a productive meeting so thanks.

I love them, they are motivational and like Walking with a good friend along the beach. Just ruminating and pondering and sharing stuff in general. Thank you for your time it is appreciated x

It amazes me the energy you have at doing it everyday, and I am sure that is what encourages people to give you work as well as your sage words. you write sound words, that resonate with a lot of the marketing advice and life advice that I agree with.

I have found your snippets insightful and as a start up you’ve really held my hand.

Your email are concise, meaningful and often uplifting nuggets – quick to read, which means they get read every day. I like the sprinkling of morality and your views on finding the right life, work balance – you are preaching to the converted here. Keep up the good work.

Your emails are like a secular Thought for the Day, I try to read them if I have time, consistently interesting.

They are often humorous, which is always good at the start of the day, often thought provoking and often they just reinforce what I think (or I should) already know. Do I find them useful – yes it is rare that I don’t read them first thing in the morning and don’t find at least one little nugget.

I have always loved your emails

I thoroughly enjoy reading your emails, they usually provide a spot of inspiration on my way to work. I particularly like the alternative viewpoint.

I look forward to your emails. Sometimes they are really relevant to whatever me or the business is going through and other times I park them in my brain for later.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading your emails every day and they are always interesting and often thought provoking.

Many thanks for your DIY Daily’s and also for your question. I do read them daily (nearly always) and have also passed it to a couple of our staff who I notice read them too.

I love what you do…and the wisdom that you share. I enjoy your writing style, I love the way that you provoke me to think…and I take the snippets and somehow just incorporate them into who I am and the way I do things.

Just to say that I think these emails are great. Really enjoyable and easy to read. Yours are the only emails I read as they arrive because I know they will help me find answers, not add to the problems I must solve.

How do you do it!! A fresh email every day, with new ideas and thoughts that are well written and very apt. I, and am assuming that many other people would find it extremely difficult to produce a daily email as you are doing. And to keep on doing so for as long as you have. Thank you for sending these – I read them and take note of what you say.

Just wanted to drop you an email and say how much I like getting your words of wisdom in my inbox every morning!

Just wanted to say I’m loving your daily digests- Bitesize, interesting and useful. Food for thought! Thank you!

Yours is the only marketing approach that makes me smile each time. I like it very much

Brilliant: thank you, Tom. I love what you’re doing. It’s very USEFUL. I read it and use it.

I have been reading your Dailies for some months now. Refreshing, charming and often sparking new thoughts. I think what makes them most charming is the generosity of spirit behind them. Free thoughts, open interest, no hidden hooks. A nice contrast to most of the inbox lint.

You’re a quirky one but I like that. Your messages stand out from the ever increasing volume of bland emails urging me to change/do/analyse; the ‘I came across your website and it’s…’ brigade.

Just wanted to say thank you – I really love your email updates and am inspired by them.

I so very much value your thoughts daily & find they really do fuel good thinking and hopefully practise.

I really love your work. It’s so honest, subtle, genuine, engaging … yet very powerful. Best copy I have come across and I actually feel that I know and trust you! The power of the written word hey.

It’s so good to have you back. Your emails are a breath of fresh air!

Your emails pop into my inbox like a bright moment of clever sunshine.

– Sophie