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Sales advice, website changes and more

Going against my advice of communicating on one topic at a time, here are three slightly-related things.

Firstly, I’ve written a guide called ‘B2B Sales Strategies’, which you may be interested in if a) you sell to other businesses, and b) you want to sell MORE.

Read an overview and download it for free.

I intend to write more of these, so please let me know if there are any specific subjects you’d like me to focus on.

Secondly, I’m bringing all my content from the last few years into one single place. I’ve veered from dividing it between multiple sites, letting it fester secretly in folders on my laptop to, well, doing this.

The all-new Think BIG or Go Home website – take a look.

It’s split into four sections:-

Think BIG
Twelve guiding principles to help you build the business you desire.

Intelligent Penguin
Work with me: my direct help and support to improve your marketing and build your business.

Business DIY
Help yourself: free, practical marketing advice you can act on today.

Aun Aprendo
Advice, thoughts and inspiration for overwhelmed business owners, including a reasonably self-absorbed summary of some of the things I’ve gone through in the last few years.

I’m not just dumping the hundreds of thousands of words of advice I’ve written into the new site, but spending time reviewing and editing it. Some is out-of-date, some I’ve changed my mind on, some – you will be astonished to read – has the occasional typo buried deep within.

I know! I was shocked too.

I’ll be adding in the updated, and some new, content over the next few months across the whole website.

Thirdly, and finally for now, I’m going to be increasing the number of emails I send out- probably not back to the daily frequency, at least not right now, but certainly more often than in the recent past.