There are a lot of ideas on this site, but ideas are useless without action. I can help you create the business you want.

I started a web design company twenty years ago, and right from the start I knew you had to work to get business: I’d open a copy of Yellow Pages and send letters to the people with the biggest adverts, explaining what a website was (you had to in 1998) and why I should build them one. It worked – for every 35 or so letters I sent, I’d get a new client. Everything since then has been about learning to do it better, and better, and better.

The fact that Yellow Pages barely exists now is irrelevant. The lesson, and technique is identical: say the right words to the right people at the right time and good things will happen.

Now I want to help you do the same.

Here’s how I can help:-

Vision & Strategy

Borderline corp-speak, but you know what I mean. Ideas, planning and ongoing review & management to work out where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.



I’ll help you create the right personality, style & tone of voice to match your business to your market. I’ll write words which make people sit-up, take note and act. Words which make people want what you sell. Words which find you the right customers for your business.

Website, SEO & social media advice support

Twenty-years’ of web experience, all yours. I see so much time and money wasted in these areas it’s almost criminal – talk to me before you waste any more. I can help you with planning your website, deciding on its structure and content, selecting and briefing web developers (I have great people I can recommend if you need), right through to final testing, checking and post-launch marketing.

Email marketing

The absolute foundation of my business, and it could be of yours too. Keep in touch with your contacts, this is a hugely important aspect of current marketing and I can walk you through the entire process. Build a contact list, keep your clients up-to-date and bring new ones on board.

Lead generation

…and marketing funnel* development & optimisation – find new contacts, talk to them and turn them into paying customers. I’ll help you create and grow a database of riches that you can tap into whenever you need for new business.

* (funnel…? A better analogy is trying to carry a leaking bucket from one place to another and hoping there’s something left at the end. I’ll help you plug the holes.)

Next steps

My work comes with a guarantee, and a smile. Book in an initial review now.

“I could write and tell you of all the amazing ways in which Tom is helping me & my business. About how he really understands and cares. About how enjoyable and rewarding it is to work with Tom. And I would … but I would end up writing a bit of a novel and that might take me some time. So while I write my novel, I am going to offer you one piece of advice to help you to help your business, whatever your challenges or goals are – get in touch with Tom. I guarantee you will be delighted.” – Tracey Bird