Clever ideas, simply done.

Expert help and support to improve your marketing and build your business

“I think…”

Rose-tinted-sky thinking. What’s the best you could be? Overdo the optimism and then come back down to earth with some great new ideas. How are you going to change your world?

“I see…”

What do those changes entail? Perhaps simply to sell more to your existing clients. Get new ones. Buy a company. Expand, shrink, become more efficient, flexible or streamlined.

“I plan…”

What do you need to do to start things moving? Find more people to talk to. Create emails. Write letters. Craft beautiful copy. Arrange appointments. Build a new website.

“I do…”

When are you going to act? Write words. Speak sentences. Launch the website. Send the email. Pick-up the phone. Good enough is perfect.

I, or people I work closely with, can help with all of the above, and more. Let’s get more specific – take a look at the services page.

In short…

  • Vision & Strategy – I’ll help you understand where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there
  • Copywriting – I’ll write the words that tell your story
  • Website, SEO & social media advice support – honest, unbiased advice about what you should do
  • Email marketing – help with how to do it and what to say
  • Lead generation – new leads are the lifeblood of a successful business

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