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“I hope you’re well”

Looking back to the four+ years ago when I used to send one of these emails out every single morning – at the time it felt (mostly) pretty easy. Confidence oozes from practice, and it’s a beautiful thing to experience.

Staring at my screen now, the words aren’t yet flowing. There’s a sense of unease about trying something ‘new’, however familiar. The habit has been lost, but can of course be regained.

Habits are extremely powerful: a force for both good and bad. We all know our vices, some of us even admit to them, and many of us try desperately to remove the bad and create the good. Failing to change almost becomes a habit in itself.

One such habit I’ve fallen into is starting so many emails with “Hi, hope you’re well”. It is a nothing, throwaway phrase. It doesn’t add anything to the email, there’s little sincerity behind it and even though I probably do care that you’re well, it’s thrown in with such little thought that I’d rather it wasn’t there.

The habit I’d like to get into, then, is to put a little more care and thought into my day-to-day emails. To write things that matter rather, words I’ve considered. To not fall back on defaults and clichés.

I’ve tried a couple of times to start writing again. I’ve tried to work out ways of charging for the emails. I’ve tried complex systems for information access. None of them have worked. I have more enthusiasm and energy now than probably at any time in the past two or three years.

What I really enjoy is just writing. Sharing a bit of advice for free. Passing on some of the things I’ve learned, hoping you might avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made, or take inspiration from where I’ve succeeded. I hope I’m right in my optimism for this year, and hope you have plenty for yours.

And I genuinely do hope you’re well.

Best wishes,



  • Russ says:

    Just write Tom…

    I find many of your emails useful and inspirational. I understand the “charging” dilemma. Not easy to find the right model. Isn’t it about building the readership and then the options to turn this into a revenue stream may open up?

    BTW, are you freelance again now?

    Kind regards


    • Tom Doggett says:

      Thanks Russ. I’ve got a few plans for 2019 which will gradually be revealed over the next few weeks, but just wanted to get started really. Yes, back working on my own again now, and much happier for it – it’s taking me a long time to realise but (at the moment) this definitely suits me best. Nice to hear from you and will make an effort to get together this year.