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How long is the British coastline?

How long is the British coastline?

The old ‘trick’ in this question is that it depends how you choose to measure it… units of single miles make it far shorter than units of single millimetres.

But how else might you measure it? And more importantly, why do you want to?

If you wanted to build a wall around Britain, you’d probably need to know down to the metre to order enough concrete.

If you were walking the coastline then miles might be useful: but some way of measuring in miles relative to gradient might be better. Having lived in Cornwall (steep), Cambridge (flat) and the Cotswolds (somewhere in-between) I can firmly assure you that the time it takes to walk ten miles can vary greatly.

And afterwards, you might choose to measure number of steps taken, number of friends made, calories burned, stiles climbed or pubs visited, depending on what you define as success.

So too with life. How successful you are depends on your unit of measurement. Is it money, health, days without crying, number of children, distance from the nearest McDonald’s (a high number for some, low for others)? Arguably not measuring your life for success could be seen as the ultimate achievement.

What’s your measurement? Comment below.

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