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Greater awareness

Most customers don’t know as much about your business as you might think, partly because they probably don’t care about your business as much as you might hope.

I used to offer website hosting services but, even with a few hundred customers signed up, I didn’t really push the website design service which was actually my bread and butter: as far as I was concerned they were almost two separate businesses.

The rash, and wrong, assumption was that anyone who was buying hosting probably had a website and was happy enough with it.

When I wrote about different levels of awareness in my last email I failed to mention a critically important point:

The same person can have different levels of awareness about your business.

I had people right there in front of me, who had gone through every level of awareness I needed: they had realised they had a problem, found a solution, found that I offered the solution and decided that my business was the right pick for them.

But I still missed out on work because they had a completely different level of awareness about another part of my business.

One of the first things I encourage new clients to do is take a look at who they’re already working with, and what they’re doing, or, rather, not doing for them. Where the gaps are. And there are always gaps: people you may have been working with for years who aren’t aware of a particular product or service you sell.

What’s often ridiculous is — as with my hosting/website mistake — how incredibly easy a problem it is to solve. Most businesses either have a small enough number of customers to make it simple to review the gaps, or a big enough number which means there’s some kind of half-decent database in place to put together some simple emails to bring everyone into the loop.