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Faith and inspiration

You don’t have to look hard online to find photos, videos or chunks of text which will either “restore your faith in humanity” or be “inspirational” in some way.

I can’t help but wonder… if you need a Facebook post about someone handing a wallet into the police station to restore your faith in humanity, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your view of humanity. And re-evaluate your sources of news and entertainment.

There are many, many great people doing wonderful things everywhere, all the time, and it takes almost no effort to find out about them, and only a little more to get involved yourself.

And the next time you suggest something is “inspirational” … what actually has it inspired you to do? What change did you make? Or is it just another thing to say?

This is really about how you use words, which I’ve talked about before, and will no doubt do again.

When you say something is restoring your faith, what you’re really saying is that you think the world is terrible.

When you say something is inspirational, what you’re really doing is giving yourself a tiny little rush of positivity – just enough to then not need to worry doing anything about it.

What’s inspiring your faith in humanity at the moment? Comment below.

Have a great weekend.