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World and worlds and worlds

One of the things I find fascinating about working with a range of businesses – and one of the reasons I chose not to specialise in marketing a particular niche – is just how much is out there. How much is going on. How much creativity, how many ideas I would never have had, how […]

An easier life

After yesterday’s notes on social media, I had a bit of a nose around a few Instagram ‘influencers’. My word, it’s exhausting. And formulaic. And presumably very successful – for them at least; I worry for some of the people who feel pressure to recreate the filtered, edited lives they are vicariously living. It made […]

Social media

Social media still feels like something many people don’t really understand. In fairness it’s not been around that long, and there’s a lot of rubbish is talked about it all – often charged for. Let’s take a look at a few Twitter accounts to see what people do. Moose Allain has 97,300 followers and a […]

Advice on advice

I’m running a bit behind today because I had to write some notes on the Apple FaceTime bug: if you have an Apple device, read this: Apple FaceTime warning. Anyway. Back to the matter in hand – and there was some great feedback from yesterday’s post which I’ll be working in to future emails (if […]


I run a twice-monthly open mic night in my local pub. Musicians turn-up to play while I fill in any gaps, encourage appreciation and roughly hold it all together. Last night was quieter than usual – the end of January perhaps, a long slog since the early-December payday. That’s fine though, and it’s a good […]

A tale of two washing machines

It was the best of Tide, it was the worst of Tide… I really thought there was going to be an easier joke to work in there, but had to resort to an American brand of washing powder – you probably know it better as Daz. Anyway, I’m too emotionally invested to take a different […]

Don’t dive

A goalkeeper faced with a penalty would do better not to dive – they would make a save about a third of the time if they stood still. Yet 95% of the time they dive. It’s a great example of action bias. Doing things isn’t always a good idea. Switching lanes in traffic jam doesn’t […]

Perception is everything

(I’ll be writing a few more emails about specific marketing topics in the next week or two so if there’s anything specific you’d like me to cover, let me know – Habits change when your perception does. Instead of viewing running in the rain as stupid, you view it as a release, an escape […]


When you commit to something, you have to decide what that commitment means, and how you will react if you waver. In other words: how much permission will you give yourself to fail, or change the rules? When I started these emails again I decided it wouldn’t matter if I missed a day – although […]

The written word, spoken

As a product – or perhaps by-product – of the Cotswolds, I’m easily drawn back to the delights of Laurie Lee’s writing, and made a happy return to I Can’t Stay Long over the weekend. Talking about his literate, “but by no means literary”, village upbringing in the 1920s, he writes: “I am made uneasy […]