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Stop, stop, stop

Stop thinking about Twitter followers as a marketing goal.

Stop pretending your search engine position is a sign of success.

Stop seeing Facebook likes as an indication of your credibility.

Stop monitoring your website stats every five minutes.

Stop obsessively watching the size of your email database.

Start realising all of these things are just part of a marketing process. They are but a step along the journey of creating customers.

Create processes, systems and habits to grow your contact list and get yourself known. Follow them but don’t worry about them at the expense of what’s important.

Here’s a suggested order of focus – but where do YOU spend most of YOUR time?

  1. Customers, past and present
  2. (a) People you’ve met; (b) spoken to; (c) had email communication with
  3. Phone numbers of contacts
  4. Email addresses of contacts
  5. Social media followers
  6. Anonymous visitors to your website

Of course, if you flick it around and start at the bottom … you’ve just created a marketing funnel. The problem with funnels, of course, is that they’re pretty easy to jam up if you try and put too much in at once.