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Before / after

What’s the before / after that your business provides?

For some this might seem obvious. A restaurant before: empty stomach; after: full stomach. But it’s not really that simple.

Why do people go out for meals?

  • To satisfy hunger
  • For a special occasion / celebration
  • Can’t be bothered to cook
  • Can’t be bothered to wash-up
  • Nowhere near a kitchen of their own
  • Can’t cook
  • Social – spend time with friends
  • To take photos for Instagram love

And so on. Each of these might have a different ‘after’ picture. But to complicate things further, that could be negative.

Before: I can’t be bothered to cook & wash-up tonight, can you?

After: Wow, we really shouldn’t have spent that money just to avoid washing-up

The variety, and absurdity, of human emotion and thought processes make any form of marketing inevitably complex and often experimental.

Good marketing is a series of befores and afters. You succeed when you identify the before, find people who are experiencing it, explain to them you understand how they feel and demonstrate firstly that you you will get them to the after, and secondly how they will feel when you’re done.

What are yours?

Best wishes