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How long is the British coastline?

How long is the British coastline? The old ‘trick’ in this question is that it depends how you choose to measure it… units of single miles make it far shorter than units of single millimetres. But how else might you measure it? And more importantly, why do you want to? If you wanted to build […]

The unwelcome

A lot of businesses focus relentlessly on their target market. Planning, almost to the exact eye colour, the profiles of who is going to buy from them. But how often do you consider who you don’t want to work with? We’ve all had problem customers. People we just can’t get along with, who will never […]

Learning to ignore people

A good sign I’m busy is the length of time it takes me to finish a book, and it’s been a long time since I changed the ‘currently reading’ link above. A couple of train journeys this week should help with that. Linked to the aforementioned busyness, I’m going to leave you in the capable […]

Faith and inspiration

You don’t have to look hard online to find photos, videos or chunks of text which will either “restore your faith in humanity” or be “inspirational” in some way. I can’t help but wonder… if you need a Facebook post about someone handing a wallet into the police station to restore your faith in humanity, […]

Good business

I once told someone their website was inadequate (although I’m reasonably sure I was gentle) only to discover his daughter had proudly built it. Of course, learning that fact didn’t suddenly make the website good. And I was right to point out the flaws, because that was my job. But I didn’t get any work […]

Dangerous advice

Something that’s been floating around my mind of late is how easy it is to dispense with advice without thinking about the full range of effects it might have. This is linked to the well-documented pressures of social media – ‘advice’ doesn’t always come in the form of preaching, but also publicly ‘prooving’ how successful […]

Before / after

What’s the before / after that your business provides? For some this might seem obvious. A restaurant before: empty stomach; after: full stomach. But it’s not really that simple. Why do people go out for meals? To satisfy hunger For a special occasion / celebration Can’t be bothered to cook Can’t be bothered to wash-up […]

World and worlds and worlds

One of the things I find fascinating about working with a range of businesses – and one of the reasons I chose not to specialise in marketing a particular niche – is just how much is out there. How much is going on. How much creativity, how many ideas I would never have had, how […]

An easier life

After yesterday’s notes on social media, I had a bit of a nose around a few Instagram ‘influencers’. My word, it’s exhausting. And formulaic. And presumably very successful – for them at least; I worry for some of the people who feel pressure to recreate the filtered, edited lives they are vicariously living. It made […]

Social media

Social media still feels like something many people don’t really understand. In fairness it’s not been around that long, and there’s a lot of rubbish is talked about it all – often charged for. Let’s take a look at a few Twitter accounts to see what people do. Moose Allain has 97,300 followers and a […]