"I am still learning..."

Advice, thoughts and inspiration for overwhelmed business owners

Running a business is tough. Really tough.

It can exhaust you, scare you, hurt you. It can affect your relationships, your bank balance, your self-esteem. It can impact your mental and physical health.

And yet, it can also be wonderful. You can earn a living, meet great people, take a real sense of pride and satistfaction that you’ve achieved something great.

Here I want to explore the mental and emotional challenges of running a business. How do people cope when they suddenly discover a major life event – illness, death or divorce? What do you do if depression hits, whether it’s a recurring issue or something new? How do you keep your business running – even if it is only just so – when you’re dealing with all the trials and traumas that life can throw unexpectedly into your path?

I want to share stories, but I want to hear yours too.