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An easier life

After yesterday’s notes on social media, I had a bit of a nose around a few Instagram ‘influencers’. My word, it’s exhausting. And formulaic. And presumably very successful – for them at least; I worry for some of the people who feel pressure to recreate the filtered, edited lives they are vicariously living.

It made me think about making life easy for yourself. At the moment I’m living in probably the most sensible house I’ve ever occupied.

It’s warm, cheap, draft-free, nothing is falling down, doesn’t leak, there is a small but easily-manaegeable garden, I don’t have to duck under beams in the kitchen, nor sit wrapped in a blanket to work. There’s no damp or mould, I don’t have to get the ladder out in a storm at 2am to hammer bits back onto the roof, the walls are roughly square and I can walk to either the railway station or fields, depending on my mood.

And it’s great. It’s a normal house. It’s not dull like I thought it might be. I wake up and there’s nothing to worry about, so I get on with my day. It might not have quite the same ‘character’ as some of my previous places (all the above examples are absolutely true), but ‘character’ tends to empty your bank account and freeze your toes.

There’s enough in life to occupy your mind without adding to it. Sometimes that means making your life easier. Living in a less exciting, less dramatic house for a little while. Doing the ‘boring’ bits of your marketing, because although it’s not as fun to, say, send an email to an old customer as it is to start a new Instagram account, it’s probably going to be more successful.

How have you – or could you – make life easier for yourself? Comment below.

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  • I’ve just done exactly that. Moved from a big house requiring constant cleaning, etc., to a small house where I can get on with what I WANT to do rather than what I feel I have to do. I now have a small, not a big kitchen and it is great for prioritising what I actually need to live my life. Yes, small and simple/easy/cheaper makes life somehow so much better! With social media marketing, it is knowing quite where to draw the line. That’s tougher.

    • Tom Doggett says:

      Aspirations change over time: there’s perhaps less focus (in certain groups) on achieving ‘asset goals’ – the big house, the big car etc., instead the focus is on ‘personal goals’; a happier, healthier life. But I think so many social media accounts are selling such a huge fantasy – here’s an example. They’re basically ‘get (emotionally) rich quick schemes’ and can be hugely damaging for people with low self-esteem. I know there’s a choice to follow/not follow, but they’re still always there.

      I’m not sure I always achieve it, but whenever I write I try and think about what’s useful to the person reading it. Not necessarily what puts me in the perfect light. I think perhaps we need to change the ‘rose-tinted vision’ phrase to ‘Instagram-filtered vision’ for the younger generations. Reading / watching too much about constant success & perfect the lives of others can be nothing other than damaging in the long term in my opinion.

      Congrats on making the right decisions for you. It sounds very rewarding.

  • Yvonne Doggett says:

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    Less time cleaning, less plastic, less the frustrating array of different cleaning products.
    No brainer!