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A tale of two washing machines

It was the best of Tide, it was the worst of Tide…

I really thought there was going to be an easier joke to work in there, but had to resort to an American brand of washing powder – you probably know it better as Daz. Anyway, I’m too emotionally invested to take a different approach now.

Last weekend we moved house, something of a regular theme for me but a habit I’m trying to get out of. Last time I installed the washing machine, this time my brother kindly did – and the difference was remarkable.

When I did it, I spent the first few washes anxiously listening for drips or any other calamity. This time, I chucked a load in, pressed the buttons and carried on with my day without a second thought.

We treat ourselves so differently to how we treat others. Our inner monologue will easily point out that we’re making a mistake, or bound to screw-up, whilst we’ll outwardly encourage someone else to reach for the stars.

There are two messages here: firstly, be kinder to yourself. Secondly, it’s always easier to get someone else to install a washing machine, especially if you’re secretly loitering around the old house drinking coffee while it happens.

(The contrast to all this, of course, are the people who always know best. Their own ideas are always better than anything presented to them. They refuse to accept or follow any advice. A topic for another day.)

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Best wishes