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A dose of reality

Most people are worse at life than you expect.

I spent most of my childhood thinking that adults were fundamentally competent and together (and consider myself lucky to have been in a position to form that view). It was something of a shock to discover the extent to which people are winging it, and an even bigger one to find that I had to do the same: the magic moment where I suddenly understood everything somehow never arrived.

So too with business: it’s tempting to assume every other business is being run better than yours but, believe me, they’re not. Even outwardly successful firms are often an internal amalgamation of chaos.

But! There’s a lot we can all do to make things better, and that’s what we’re going to look at, on-and-off, over the next few days and possibly weeks. Too often we’re sold an unattainable image of perfection and it’s time to close the gap, firstly by accepting that others aren’t as competent as you perceive, and secondly to realise that you are better than you think.

Is this something you’re guilty of? Comment below.

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  • Peter Lovatt says:

    Just wanted to say its a great subject.
    Half my Facebook friends live a perfect life, mostly on a desert island paradise, and I used to thing businesses were the same.
    When you realise everyone else is is a mix of competence, chaos and hope ( in varying proportions ) its reassuring